Monday, January 16, 2012

Making Crayons

I have seen this done a million times. One day my hero even bought home one of the toy machines that melt crayons and while it worked it did not make fun shapes. So I decided to make our own. I cannot wait to make them for every holiday now. They were so much fun.
I guess I should tell you that I dislike broken crayons so it works well for me because I can use up all the broken crayons. I do know to fill the mold more to make the crayons thicker.


Danna said...

That is such a neat idea to make them into fun shapes!

Helene said...

Those are super cute!! It never even dawned on me to make them into a shape! I usually just a regular muffin tin! Gonna try to make fun shapes next time...such a great idea!

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