Sunday, January 8, 2012

To my hero

Dear hero,
I miss you, I am lonely and I miss you. The kids are in bed and I just spent time working with the puppy. She is getting so big, she sets and now lays really well. I think the next thing we will work on is stay.
The kids are doing well. Michael just all of the sudden has stepped up. He is constantly thinking of how he can help and is being less bossy. This morning he took the little kids to the van while I cleaned up at church and did not complain. Grace is in a stage, she is very clingy and shy and you know what I am kind of enjoying it. When I picked her up after Awana tonight she was setting up against the wall. She does not like the game time.
Financial peace went well tonight. He even talked about the TSP. I will send you the notes I took because it was neat that he took the time to think about the military. I think we only have a few more weeks.
I love you and hope you have gotten rest this week. I cannot wait to see you soon. I think this training is probably good for our children. A reminder that you leave but then you come home.
Oh yeah, we found Michael’s scout book today while looking for Faith’s Awana book.
I love you baby ,


Kristy said...

I hate that Rob is deploying but I am going to love Letters to my Hero

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