Friday, January 27, 2012

Fill in the blank Friday

This week’s statements:
1. Nothing is better than._a freezing can of mountain dew on a hot dog or early in the morning.___
2. I _always leave laundry in __my _chair__ in _the livingroom__but never __love the way it looks_._
3. Those _dog____ that are always __in there yard with a invisible fence___ make me want to ___scream and run in fear.________
4. My favorite __time of day_______________ is when ___i have a child snuggled in my arms or when they are all eating lunch and giggling about something_______________________.


Tami McCoy said...

You can have the Mountain Dew - I rarely drink soda and when I do, that would be my LAST choice - WAY to sweet for me.

Susi said...

I don't like the invisible fences either. How do you know it'll really keep the dog in!!! And I love snuggling with my kids. :)

Hilary Grossman said...

I have never had a mountain dew

Rebecca @ said...

Oh I HEAR YA about the dogs!! I almost had a heart attack when one came racing down toward me, in a neighbor's yard, at top speed. Snarling, barking, lunging. Then >POW< he jerked back. Good Lord, my neighbors are evil, evil people. lol

Jennifer said...

This week everyone is talking about food! I am now dying for a hot dog, french friends, chinese food, fish sticks, etc.. not all at the same time though!

Annmarie Pipa said...

I love happy giggling kids too!

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