Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Good-bye Bugsy

Last week we went home for a couple of days and left the guinea pigs at home alone. They had plenty of water and food. When we returned Hope ran upstairs to check on them.Pee's alot (yes that is his name) was fine but Bugsy was not acting right and had his head laying side ways. We had noticed he was getting thinner for months but was still eating well and we assumed that the other guinea pig was just eating too much. Rob fed Bugsy pedialyte every 20 minutes for a couple of hours and he started to perk up. We were beginning to think maybe he just got cold or something. But a hour later he passed away. I was really surprised with how well the kids took it. Maybe it is because they have another guinea pig. Later that night Hope broke down and realized she really did miss him. The next morning she buried Bugsy in the back yard next to our cat and dog and gerbil.
I know I am not suppose to laugh but the fact that we have lived here less than 2 years and have 4 dead animals in our back yard is scary. It would not be so bad if we owned the house but we lease it. Hopefully they never dig up that part of the yard.


Helene1108 said...

I'm so sorry.  We just lost one of our cats on Christmas eve day.  It's so hard, especially during a time when everyone's supposed to be so happy.

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