Friday, January 6, 2012

Admit when your wrong

I am wrong and I am not afraid to admit it. I am sure I have shared that my hero got a puppy when I begged him not to. Well that puppy has really grown on me and is honestly my puppy.
So how am I wrong? Well today we opened our front door and this precious thing walked in. Of course I snapped a picture. And then sent the picture to my hero. He texted me and this is how it went.

Hero: she cannot have it
Me: I already told her she can have it
Hero: no, no, no, no
Me: I already took her to the vet and they said she is 5 months old.
I know it is wrong especially since I left the poor dog on my porch when we went out in hopes that it would find itself back to its home. It was not here when we got home so I assume it went home.
Maybe next week I will tell him the truth. How long do you think I should wait to tell him that I lied?


lindsie said...

Im sure he knows your kidding. Dont be so hard on yourself! He should know better for real!

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