Monday, November 28, 2011


What a amazing week. First I spent the week straightening closets and making sure our house was ready for guest. Then I noticed that there were cobwebs on the kitchen ceiling.
The other night my husband told me all the children were in bed asleep. A couple of hours later I decided to go to bed. Walking down the hallway I heard water splashing. Hope was still in the bathroom. She is known for taking 3 hour baths. She never heard dad say it was bedtime.
This week I was very proud of myself for getting our yearly newsletter done. I was not very proud of myself when I realized I walked away from my laptop without saving it.
Last week I may or may not have caught my son eating cereal out of a HUGE plastic cup because there was no clean bowls. I know this would not happen after catching him eating with a measuring spoon last month.
This week my husband had another stress test for his lungs. I may or may not have giggled when he told me the machine was broke and he had to go back that afternoon to take the test. You see my hero is a total caffeine addict so him going half the day without caffeine is almost comical. I am just glad I did not have to work with him.
I am just curious about something, do you ever write a nasty statement on facebook and then smarten up and delete it before hitting send.
What crazy things have you done or not done this week? Are you willing to admit it and laugh about it? I would love to hear it?
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