Thursday, November 17, 2011

Piper Reed give away

I was recently asked if I would do a book review for a book about a little girl whose father was in the Navy. The book is called Piper Reed Navy Brat. Instantly was in love. Navy Brat made me giggle because I have lots of little Army brats running around my house.
I was so excited when the book came in. I had decided that it would be a book for my eleven year old to read. The first night I put 5 kids in bed and Faith and I snuggled up on the couch and read the first 10 pages. I pushed her off to bed and set and continued to read.
This is an amazing book. Amazing because Piper Reed one reminds me of my own girls, and two because in the book the family finds out that they are moving. They talk about visiting family during the move and how awkward some things are when visiting people you do not see often.
Oh how I want to set and tell you every detail of the book. I want to tell you what does with each child before he deploys and how he runs his house. But if I did tell you the whole story you would not be interested in the giveaway I am about to offer.
That is right I have been given not ONE but TWO books to give away. So from today until Tuesday November 22 you can enter to win a signed copy of this book. Even I did not get a signed copy. I think this book is a must for all of our military children. I cannot wait to get the rest of the serious.
The rules:
1. Tell me one thing that is hard about having a military child or 2 about moving with a child.
2. Follow me on facebook
3. Follow me on twitter
4. Leave any comment, one a day until Tuesday.

I am so excited for you because this truly I is a fun book. It is open to anyone not just military because it is a fun book to read.


paperblessings said...

Pam, this sounds like an awesome giveaway--I don't want to be entered, but hope that God will find just the right family for the book(s)!  :)  

Allison said...

I would love to win this book!  It looks so cute and I really would like to read it.  We're a guard family for now until my husband is done with law school so we don't have to move often.  And we don't have children yet but I can imagine that the hardest part of moving with a young child would be keeping them occupied and out the way while packing.  Or the actual traveling to a new place and having to stop often to let them play.

Allison said...

I added you on Facebook!

Kwhevents said...

Thank you for the nice review! Also a big thanks the sacrifices your family makes for our country. 

Kimberly Willis Holt

Kristy Stevens said...

Having a military child is hard because you have to constantly let them down to know that sometimes their military parent can't be there for their big milestones. Its also harder to hold on to the lifetime friends. 

Kristy Stevens said...

Your Facebook Friend

Kristy Stevens said...

Following you on Twitter

Amundsen House of Chaos said...

Having a military child is hard sometimes because they don't understand that sometimes they don't come first. That there are times when mom or dad can't be there because they had to go somewhere else. Moving with military children can be tough especially if the parents don't want to move where they are being sent because they pick up on that and want to know why they have to leave their friends behind.

Amundsen House of Chaos said...

I follow you on Twitter

Amundsen House of Chaos said...

I follow you on Facebook.

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