Monday, November 21, 2016

Day Twenty- One

Day Twenty-one What song are you grateful for? So many songs. I love all kinds of music so this is hard. I love the Gaither Vocal Band, especially when they sing with Mark Lowry. I love Reba McIntire (I know all my friends are thinking that is bad). Honestly, when I am in a dark place I can sing a long with Reba and it all looks better. My favorite current song is Breath. Listen to the words of that song on you tube. It describes my life perfectly. Sometimes in the middle of the craziness I forgot that I can set at his feet and just breath. This summer I went away with other moms and this was our song. Oh, how I needed that time. So now I can listen to this song and remember that time. Something happened during that get away. I realized that I can still breath. I can still laugh and I am still a person. Not just a mom and wife.


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