Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Toilet Paper or Wasted Money

Toilet paper, yes I am going there. Let’s talk about toilet paper. Do you use it? Of course you use it but do you make it or buy it? We buy it. I also buy baby wipes. I just cannot bring myself to wash them out. This sounds totally silly but I can pretty much tell you which public restrooms have the best toilet paper. Wal-Mart has great toilet paper but Cracker Barrel has rolled up paper that you can practically see through. Most hospitals have crappy TP too. That I will never understand. I personally think that the better or thicker the TP the better. The other day I saw lavender scented toilet paper. I did not buy it because it seems wonky to buy scented toilet paper. The other thing I saw recently was decorative toilet paper. It had the names of sports teams on it. Can I just ask WHY? Why would you want toilet paper with your favorite sports team on it? Did they forget what we use toilet paper for? Are you a toilet paper junky? I am a total toilet paper junky or at least I use to be. With 7 kids in the house I have given up on spending money on things that no one appreciates.


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