Thursday, November 3, 2016

Petrie Soaps and Stuff

I do not talk as often as I would like about our small family business. Okay, business is probably too strong of a word at this point. It is our family hobby. It is how my husband and I date. We have been making soap for over a year now and are still enjoying it. We sold our soaps all summer at the farmers market. We have tried several recipes and found the one that works for us. Our goats our not only our pets but they provide milk for our soaps and our family. We use our soap for personal use. We have a constant battle between who gets to pick the next one to be used. If you walk into one of our bathrooms you will find several partially used bars of soap. I love that our soaps do not become soft and squishy because that means they last longer. Then again I need to find a way to not have 20 partially used bars lying around. This fall we have been at several craft shows. I love doing craft shows because I get to meet lots of new customers. I love walking around and buying from other small businesses. Because I have neglected my wonderful blog readers I am going to offer you free shipping on any order over $20. Check my facebook page often. We will be offering several specials between now and Christmas so check back often.


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