Thursday, November 3, 2016

Why I am Grateful Day One

I love being on facebook in November. I love seeing all the grateful post. I always say I am going to join in and write gratitude post every day. By about day ten I am skipping days and by day 20 I am done. Then around day 28 I catch up and no one reads it because it is so long. So this year I am going to try here. I found a fun list on pinterest of things to be grateful for. So let's get started. I know I am three days behind. okay, day one: I am grateful for smells. This is hard because I am still knee deep in dirty diapers and little boys urinating on the toilet seat. So I guess I am grateful for the smell of my diffuser that takes away these smells and also helps my house smell more like a clean house. My current favorite combo is on guard with orange essential oils. And we all know that I love my Doterra oils. Day two: What technology are you grateful for? I love my phone. WOW, that is kind of weird. Why do I love my phone so much? Because it allows me to facetime my husband when he is away, and to talk to my son who is in college. I love hearing his voice, I swear sometimes I can hear his smile on the good days. Day three: What colors are you grateful for? I would not say I love any particular colors. I love fall colors, they are relaxing. I love blues that are relaxing. Recently, we painted my craft room a silver color and I love it. I do not like bold colors, you know like crayon box colors on walls and in bedding. Okay, so as of today I am caught up. Let's see if I can keep it up. I would love to hear your replies.


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