Tuesday, February 16, 2010

the day in a life of someone living in a hotel

I just snuck to the hotel lobby to buy chips from the vending machine. When I walked back in the room Grace said are you going to share. I said NO, you guys ate all the snacks and had dinner and this is my dinner. But I am hungry she replied. I said Grace you are eating a loll I pop and there is a half eaten apple on the counter from you. But mom that is food not a snack. So I told her to go finish her food. A few seconds later I noticed she had thrown her lollipop in the trash. She asked again and I said no. I just saw her eating her lollipop standing on the cat litter bucket at the bathroom sink. She is drinking and spitting, drinking and spitting. Do I stop her or say the trash can had a clean bag in it and well we are in a hotel and she is bored. And if she is in the bathroom she is not harassing me for my snack.
Today was another busy day. We woke up and had breakfast. The kids had hotel food and Rob snuck across the street and picked us up biscuits and gravy. Really they did not mind. I put away laundry and straightened the room in hopes of allowing housekeeping to come in. they will not make beds or clean counters if there is any personal things on them. They came by at 9am and we were not ready so we switched out dirty towels for clean ones and said see you tomorrow for the third day in a row. About ten we left. As we were waiting for everyone to get buckled Rob said where are we going and I said I do not know it was your idea to leave the room. I said no way I was happy relaxing. By that time everyone is buckled and we are NoT going back in. So we decide since the water company is not answering there phone we will drive to them. So we drive 30 minutes to the water company then 30 minutes in another direction to a mattress store and purchase Faith’s mattress and box spring then to the fabric store so I can make her curtains. Then back to the mattress store because Grace left her coat there. Then to CVS to get sale items. Then to a hot dog place. It was kind of nice. Food was okay and was less than $20 for a family of 6. Then we went in a different location to game stop, Cato’s (I found a new long skirt) then to Wal-Mart and then to the dollar tree. Then headed back to the hotel. I got faith’s curtains pinned on both side and went to sew them and realized my sewing machine cord is missing. I am really hoping we find it in the back of the van tomorrow. For now I am relaxing and enjoying our last couple of days in a hotel
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