Monday, February 22, 2010

Not me Monday

This will be the last not me moving edition. I have to start by telling you the worse, I honestly do not chew on pen lids, so I most definilty did not catch myself chewing on the movers ink pen. Not me I would never do that because what if they had chewed on that pen and what if they have a disease, what if they did not wash there hands. After doing such a gross thing, I most definitly have just moved on and not thought for hours rather I should go to the doctor and be tested for I do not know what.
NOt me, I did not throw away my childrens kitchen play toys with promised of buying them new at the new house. I am not now trying to figure out how to get out of my promise because I do not know how we would store it.
We did not spend over $700 on groceries to stock up on new food because I was sure we did not pack much. Only to realize that we had boxes of food. I am not totally embarassed by the amount of food we have in this house.
Since I am a adult and make sure my children left the hotel everyday with coats on it was not me who had to use a pice of paper as a shield so no one saw my frozen nipple running into a building. Not me, because for one I would have been wearing a coat or at least long sleeves when the weather was 25 degrees outside. I am open for suggestions on how to avoid this for the future.
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