Tuesday, February 16, 2010

hotel living update

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a morning person. I do not know if it is the time change or the dark room but my family has been sleeping later and later. It is almost 9am and everyone but me is still sleeping. I want to wake them but this does make the day shorter. And since we have no real plans today the day needs to be shorter. I am so tempted to buy room darkening shades for the bedroom. I am a morning person, have I said that and I could get allot done if I had quiet time from the time they wake up until 9am every morning. So the question of the day is do I wake them because I am bored and hungry or do I let them sleep because they are quiet. I think when we move into the house and get organized it will get back to normal but for now no one is going to sleep until well after 10pm which means sleeping in late. Poor Grace slept in the walmart cart yesterday and Rob left me walking around bed bath and beyond the day before so she could finish her nap in there cart. This is my baby girl who is use to a 3-4 hour daily nap. Our only plans today are to check out post. There is another PX and commissary we have not been to that we want to look at. We will let the kids go swimming today and other than that we are just relaxing. I want to see what all I can pack up for Rob to take to the new house when he goes tomorrow. Can I tell you we have not even moved in and he has a honey to do list. He is going to wait on the phone people and then Faiths bed to be delivered. So while he waits he is going to install a shower curtain, make a list of every ding he can find in the house, run the heat and fireplace and dishwasher to make sure they are in working order. Turn on the fridge and freezer. check the fence for holes so we know the dog can go out and change all the light bulbs out to the energy savers. He says he can do that waiting on the phone people and then play on his computer until the mattresses get there. Just to see if you actually are reading my post I have a question. Does anyone want to guess how we broke a hotel bed last night?
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