Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Today is the day, in the next few hours there will be a knock at the door and a swarm of people will walk into my house and take over. Can I just say I hate knowing that people are going through my drawers and closets but I am glad I am not the one packing it all up. Yesterday we took the animals to the vet and got there shots. I was worried they would not give them shots because it was too early but I did not want to have to do it as soon as we move. Rob then took Blue to the pound. He is not coping well with it and I feel really bad. We tried several things. We put a add on petfinder but the only reply we got was from someone who lived in the U.K.. seemed a little sketchy to me.
The house is as ready as it can be. I will do one final walk through when the kids wake up. I have a friend who is going to keep the girls for several hours today and another friend is keeping them tomorrow. That will really help during the packing. I am sure the packers will be happy to not have so many helping hands.
Prayer request: that we would find peace about taking our dog to the pound after 10 years. That we would be able to find a home quickly, that we would be able to clear housing on Monday with no drama
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