Wednesday, February 10, 2010

wednesday house hunting

Today was a good day. I think the moving has caught up with a couple of our kids. We drove around looking at houses most of the day. We found a couple that look like they would work. We are calling back tomorrow. We had to switch hotel rooms this afternoon because well the last hotel room bathroom could not handle my family of 6. The bad news is we are on the second floor and not technically in a pet friendly room so they asked that we try not to walk the dog through the lobby. The good news is we are much closer to the pool. Step out of my room and there is the elevator, step off the elevator and there is the pool. So that helps me. Ooh did I say we found out there is a heated pool. Rob took three of our kids after a trip to target for swimsuits this evening. I stayed in the room with one of our blessings who was having some attitude issues. Honestly I did not mind because I do not enjoy swimming. This will be a great way to let them burn energy a couple of times a day.
Tomorrow morning we hope to look at another house if they call us. If not then we will fill out a application for one of the houses we looked at today. We would like to go to the PX on post to just look around. I still need to do laundry so we do not get caught up. This is the house we are looking at and this is the inside, if the link works.
Please pray that we can make the correct house and get settled.
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