Sunday, February 14, 2010

Not me Monday

This is my first not me Monday from the wonderful state of North Carolina. I have tried to keep a list the last couple of weeks but I have not been good at keeping up with it. So let's see where should I start.
First, I have taught my children to be respectful so Grace would never ask the painters at our new house why his pants were so dirty. We are living in a hotel and I have not snuck to the vending machine to buy oreos or chocolate. Because of course I would buy enough for my children and I am not so addicted to sugar that I would never had to do this.
My husband did not call a italian restraunt and get there specials and then drive us to pizza hut and complain that they were not honoring what they said on the phone only to realize later that he had called the wrong place. He has his act together more than that. Last Saturday when we were cleaning like crazy and my daughter slipped in the garage my husband did not tell her we could not take her to the hospital until we cleared housing. We of course take proper care of our children and show compassion and would never say such a thing.
I did not tell Rob that I have a gift card for his favorite restraunt and have him order take out only to realize I had a different gift card when I got there. I of course checked the gift card before ordering the food.
I did not send Rob to the store for silly things to avoid cleaning last week and I most certainly did not leave most of the cleaning to him and use every excuse I could to get out of the house while we were cleaning.
I am always very cautious of how I dress and did not walk into a store with my shirt zipped into my skirt. I do not know if I told you this but it is not my husband who uses vacuming as birth control after seeing that men who vacum have a lower sperm count on oprah.
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