Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hotel living part 1

I have to say I do not mind hotel living. Especially in this hotel with 2.5 rooms. We have a room with beds and then a room with a fold out couch and TV and table. connecting the two rooms is a hallway with a stove, fridge, sink and microwave. it gives us plenty of space to move around. The staff is amazing. the first day we moved in the bathroom had issues. it actually continued to have so many issues that 24 hours later they asked us to change rooms. At first I was a little annoyed and then I realized that right outside my door was this
Then the elevator is right outside of our door and if you go up a floor the laundry is right next to the elevator or go down one floor and the pool is right next to the elevator. so we are not walking across the hotel to get to the pool or the lobby. I told faith this morning, guess what in one week you will be doing laundry again. we have really enjoyed the time together. except when Grace got stuck in the cat cage. OHHHHHHHHHHHHH, did I tell you that right outside our door is the vending machine in case I run out of Diet Pepsi
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