Saturday, February 6, 2010

How did you drive the truck through the fence

Housing will be here in about 39 hours and so we are steadily cleaning and getting the house ready. One of the things we needed to do was to fill in the holes in the backyard. Let me start by saying that Grace has not napped in 3 days and was a brat interesting. so today I layed down with her. Just as we were falling asleep Hope came runnin in saying daddy broke the fence. I said it is okay go away. She then said "MOMMY DADDY DROVE THE TRUCK THROUGH THE FENCE". So I looked outside and saw this.I did not run out there because I was scarred of what happened. A few minutes later the man with my husband came in to get the boys to help push the truck. This is the picture I saw next. The truth of the story is that I encouraged Rob to drive the truck into the back yard the other day. Well it has been raining for days. He got the truck stuck and then tried to turn it around and got it stuck. I am so glad our friend Al was here to help. They decided taking the fence down would be easier and safer. When all was said and done Al had dirt all over him and in his pockets and my carpet had red clay shoes marks all over it, thanks to 3 brainless 13 year olds. All is back together and the carpet is no worse than before considering they are replacing it when we move.Okay, I guess I need to get back to work. I wonder what else I can blog about so I do not have to help with the cleaning.
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