Thursday, February 18, 2010

The end of our hotel stay

Today was the last morning I had to wake up in a hotel bed and boy did my family get a morning wake up call. I woke up around 6am and tried to be quiet so everyone could continue sleeping. At 7:05am the fire alarm went off right outside our door. I was not nervous because I knew the toaster in the lobby had set it off the other day. And since our room was right across the hall from a outside stairwell I knew we were ok. So Rob called downstairs and they confirmed it was just the toaster. I could not believe that Michael had slept through it all. We got up and got the room ready, had breakfast and loaded the vehicles. We unloaded the stuff out of the vehicles and got on the road. The first stop was Sam’s. $350 later we walked out with lots but not everything we needed. So we headed to the commissary and another $350 we were done. We stopped at dollar general to pick up a couple more things and then headed home. Rob told me all morning that there was not much room in our freezer but I would not listen. I have to say he was so write. I did manage to get it all in the fridge and it can go in the deep freezer tomorrow evening. We got the shower curtains hung and the extra stuff put away. The kids played in the backyard all afternoon. Rob has a fire going the whole time we have been home. He says he is getting up Saturday morning to go find somewhere to cut wood. And since we are trying to keep our electric bill down I am okay with keeping a fire going. If he starts it in the morning I can keep it going during the day and if we keep it going then the living room and dining room will be warm during the day so we can keep the house about 65 and be good. We have had a interesting time in our new house:
The alarm would not stop going off for almost a hour
There is a leak under the kitchen sink
I caught my kids trying to climb the fence to pet the neighbor’s dog,
Hopes closet shelf already broke.
We do not know what time the movers will be here tomorrow. Our only plans are to unpack and at some point Rob needs to run our list of things we found wrong with the house to the realtors . I cannot wait to see how our furniture fits and where to put everything and to make bread and goodies again. I did make cookies tonight on a throw away tray which made it feel a little bit more like home
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