Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How did we break the hotel bed

Yesterday I blogged about my day and at the bottom I asked if anyone read the whole post. Then I asked how do you think we broke the hotel bed. Krystlepop said too many monkeys jumping on the bed. Iraquila said too many people jumping on the bed. I personally think wish I could tell you it was something fun like racing beds. The reality is we have a 14 year old cat. And she disappeared for over a day. I kept telling Rob she was under the bed and he kept saying she could not be. So he searched and searched and I kept nagging him that she was under the bed. I think he got tired of hearing me say she was under the bed. So finally he took the mattress off and then the box spring off. Can you believe what he found. YOUR RIGHT, our cat. Apparently there was a hole in the box under the bed. So he put the bed back together but my side felt like it was leaning. When he took the bed apart again he noticed that he had not put the metal bars together right. I hate to say I told you so but I had to say I told you so. I love my husband. We did find a boys bathing suit. The kids want to take apart the other bed. I said no way.
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