Saturday, March 20, 2010

Did I buy Stilleto or Asics

During our move a whole bag of shoes got lost, can you guess whose shoes they were. They were mine, my brand new knee boots and my tennis shoes and Grace’s shoes. Well I wear a size 11 shoes and they are hard to replace. So last week we bought me new tennis shoes. Asics was about the only decent looking pair that would fit. So I bought them, were them and then got a surprise when I took them off. The insoles came out, both of them. So I called the company and this is how it went
Me: explaining that insoles came out
Asics: mam, are these high end tennis shoes
Me: I do not know, they are just tennis shoes, there not stiletto’s or anything
Asics: okay, how much did you pay for them
Me: they were on sale for about $72
Asics: mam, those are from our high end category
Me :okay\
Asics: Mam, we assume that if you buy high quality tennis shoes then you are having professional insoles made
Me: okay, so do I need to return these because I cannot wear them.
Asics: you can return them or I can send you a couple of pairs of insoles, normally we do not have a problem with people calling about our high end tennis shoes
Me: thank you and proceed to give him my address
Asics: thank you mam, enjoy your high end tennis shoes

Okay, so I have to ask, does anyone else own Asics or have you had this problem with shoes before. I would not be too upset if the man did not refer to them as high end ten times.
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