Saturday, March 20, 2010

getting to know me-my favorite things part two

Okay, time for part two of getting to know me:
21. I just learned basic sewing skills this year
22. I have been homeschooling for 7 years
23. I grew up in WV, moved to MD to get away from my boyfriend (now husband) and then to WV then to VA (really MD line) then to KY to Germany to KY to AL to NC
24. I had a ton of cats growing up but never remember having dogs
25. I currently have a small dog but last month we had 2 dogs and a cat
26. I would love to have a saint bernard but honest I am intimidated by big dogs
27. My favorite food is KFC
28. I have a hard time praying when I am stressed but can pray when things are going well
29. I always have a secret stash of money somewhere
30. I love to watch chandra pierce and even saw her in person
31. I love ink pens, cheap ones, like sharpie pens
32. I love scented candles, glade, yankee and woodwick. I like fruity smells better than like fresh cotton
33. My husband and I were high school sweat hearts
34. I love movie theatre popcorn more than I do the movies themselves
35. I never use a towel more than once
36. I am addicted to chapstick and probably have 20 tubes laying around here. I am constantly buying them in the check out
37. Really wish we had a kitten running around but I know we should not spend the money and it is allot of upkeep
38. I love dove deodarant
39. I love michael bolton but have not listened to him in forever

40. My favorite class in high school was home ec, learning to cook and keep a clean house, I also liked business
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