Monday, March 22, 2010

Not me Monday

I am updating my not me monday this morning. It was not my home town that was listed the least healthy city in America. It was not the lunch ladies in my home town who were having a major attitude with Jamie Oliver.
It was not me who did not go back and read my not me Monday from last week. Which meant there was some- - - - -. When I was trying to think someone for a prize I had won.
It was not me who made at least 14 camera strap covers and measures at least of 4 of them wrong and they cannot be used wrong. Surely, I would measure twice, cut once instead of wasting so much.
It is not me who is setting here typing this why my husband puts together his bullet proof vest for the deployment, because surely the army does not need him again and if they did they would put this important piece of equipment together for him.
It was not me who called Asics this week because my NEW shoes had insoles that came out and was kindly put in my place by the customer service guy who kept telling me that they are high end tennis shoes and they expect people to buy fitted insoles.
It was not my daughter who told me that she could not do her school work in her bedroom because there is a mirror and she cannot stop looking at herself, surely I have taught her better than this.
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