Monday, March 1, 2010

Not me Monday

Not me Monday, is it that time already. OOH how I need not me everyday so that for one I do not forget what I did that was so silly. This week my husband and I did not play the lottery at a machine that looks like a soda machine. First of all we do not believe in gambling and would never do such a thing in front of our children and make it look fun. we did win a two dollars.
Because I keep such a clean house and always pick up my laundry it was not me who slipped on her bra and almost fell. Can you imagine explaining that one to a doctor. It did not take me 20 minutes to shave my legs this week because I had not shaved in a month and my razor did not constantly get clogged because my hair was so long. I am a married women and would never make my husband sleep with a woman who has harry legs.
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