Monday, March 15, 2010

Not me Monday

Not Me Monday was started over at my charming kids.. I have so enjoyed it. It gives me a chance to laugh at myself, it gives me a chance to realize life is funny.
not me who used body wash as lotion and wondered why hours later my skin still felt like i had just put it on. Thank you Jes again for the wonderful box of your favorite things and for not writting me back to say women you are nuts I sent your body wash not lotion.
It is not me who at the ripe old age of ?????? still does not know how to make coffee and had to ask my guest teenage daughter to make it. It was not me who tried to make it the next day and forgot to add the water.
It is not me who lost it on blog frog about my husbands deployment. I am normally working with the FRG during deployments and helping other wives who are loosing it. It was not me who went to Wal-mart and spent more time than needed just walking around to avoid looking my husband in the eyes when he got home from finding out he was deployed.
it is not me who caved and went ahead and took in a stray cat. Because, I do not need one more thing to take care of even though she is cute. It is also not me who is thinking we may call her ACU because she matching my husbnad's uniform. It was not my husband who said we should call her army strong because my last cat died because she was NOT army strong.
It was not my 13 year old who walked into a public restroom to ask me a question and when I said what are you doing he did not say but I have a question. Because, I know I have taught him better social skills then this.
It was not me who won a gift certificate through----------- on------- blog and then placed my order and forgot to use my gift certificate.
It was not me who bought a ugly lamp shade for our new lamp because it just had to have one before guest arrived. It is also not me who will probably now keep this lampshade because I will never think to replace it now that I have one.
It is not the army who is deploying my husband when we have only been here a month. It was not his rear detachment who said he could use the experience. HELLO, read the file been there done that 6 times before.
It is not me who is already thinking about how we will spend the money he is going to make.
It is not me who went on his facebook page and announced he was deploying before telling his mom. Of course I am more cautious of this and know people from her church read this.
It is most certainly not me that made a facebook page for DH just so I could sign him up as friends in farm town and cafe world, because I would never get up and play these games early in the morning and then let it come between me and my quiet time.
It is not me who tried Wine coolers this week and then poured them out and made sure they got in the trash to be picked up before guest got here so that they would not think I drink. Especially since honestly I have never drank a tablespoon of alchol in my life.
It was not me who lost it, I mean like the ugly cry in Petsmart when I saw a cat that I swear looked like our cat that just died, it was also not me who wondered if she came back to life. I know better.
It was not me who made my 13 year old get on a small caraousel just to take his picture, I would never do this because he is way to big and it was not me who took pictures of him as he was stuck and could not get off.
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