Friday, March 12, 2010

the plans

Why does it seem so hard this time. I have been through this six other times and this is definitely our shortest time. He will leave in April and be back around Aug 1. I guess maybe because I had convinced myself that maybe just maybe he would not have to go. I guess because what most of you do not know is my son is going through allot right now and well I just do not know how I can handle it alone. I mean I know I can. But how, how will I find sitters, do I even need sitters. How will I keep up with the lawn, will we have time to get the lawnmower fixed, how will his mom handle it, how will my mom handle it. Okay I am feeling a peace even as I type this. I know that I serve a amazing God and he is with me, he has been with us through the last six times so why do I not think he will not handle it this time. So for today I will enjoy that he is here that we have friends visiting, that I have been given 2 years without a deployment. That we are settled in our home and we are all healthy.
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