Friday, January 28, 2011

A day in my life

Do you have drama in your life, as in unwanted drama? I sometimes wonder how some people go through the day and have nothing to talk about. I always have a story to tell and the last 7 days have brought me a ton of stories.
Yesterday morning I woke up, had breakfast and started the kids on school. A few minutes later I heard what sounded like a 18 wheeler had slid on ice behind my house. I thought it was weird because I did not think there was ice on the roads. A few minutes later I heard fire engines so I looked out the window and saw one down the street from my house. A few minutes later I heard another one. Then just like that they were gone. So I thought it must have been a false alarm.
A couple of hours later a friend came by and asked what was going on behind my house. She said there was an 18 wheeler on its side. I looked out the kitchen window and saw tires sticking over top of my privacy fence.

Because I wanted to know what was going on but I did not want to walk out there so I sent Faith out to jump on the trampoline so I could see what was going on. She came back in and confirmed that there was a big truck on its side.
Okay I know the story is getting long but stick with me. After my friend left I did what every homeschooling, scrapbooking, nosey mom would do. I sent my son out to take pictures then decided I was not happy with them so I went out myself. I was amazed at how many vehicles were out there. I came back in the house and got back to school. That was until Hope came running inside telling me about a dead animal. So back outside I went and sure enough there was a HUGE cow dead in the road. I was wondering why they had a livestock truck out there. At first I assumed it was part of the accident.

A few minutes later Hope came in and said there was a wild animal in a cage. When I asked what kind of animal, she said you know the kind that says Toro Toro. I said do you mean a bull and she said yes. So back out we went again with my trusting camera in hand. I snapped a few pictures feeling like Dee as I saw ranchers in cowboy hats. Then I saw the bulls and snapped a few more pictures. That was until a state trooper came over and told us that we had to get off our fence and if I wanted to take pictures I had to go down the street. UMM HELLO! This is my yard. No I did not say that. Because, well I am a wimp, and since I had already used the phrase rent a cop in front of my kids before I thought I should be respectful and come in. A few minutes later I saw a dump truck come in. For the next several hours and by several I mean7 hours we saw them loading up dead bulls. They would fork lift them up and into the back of the dump truck. It was sad to watch. They ended up filling the dump truck so full that you could see hooves sticking out the top. It was a sad day for us and I am sure it was a sad day for the ranchers who were working with the cows. I know really think that the state trooper was trying to protect my children.
I wonder what makes you a rancher, does it just mean you work with cattle and wear a cowboy hat.
So how was your day? Did you learn anything fun today?


Khourtniey said...

Im confused. Where the animals in the truck that had tipped over?

Also I always have a story to tell.. Theres rarely a day that goes by when I dont have something to say!! it makes like more interesting.

Rebecca at Turned Loose said...

what a story. I like you! I could totally resonate with two things: A few months ago a scavenger's van and trailer, loaded with numerous mattresses and all kinds of STUFF, caught fire in the middle of the night just outside our cul-de-sac. The flashing lights awakened my daughter, so she and I gazed at the spectacle at 2 a.m. The next morning, I sent the kids down the block with the camera!

And respecting authority? Like rent a cops? Or the po-po? Yeah, let's just say that we've had some less than virtuous conversations that have defeated my efforts to instill respect.

Looking forward to reading your blog some more! Found you through your Just for the Joy of it post this week. Amen to that!

Michelle said...

Wow!! What an amazing day.
My day was much less exciting.
I have been busy helping a friend move from a big two-story house to a 2 bedroom apartment.
Don't know how she is going to fit everything.

Hen Jen said...

wow, what a crazy day! I would have been a bit peeved about being told to get off of my own fence, too- I would have entertained ideas of climbing onto my roof instead..or a ladder so I was off the fence, but still had a good view...!! not that I would have, being a good example and all..

Sara said...

I enjoy reading your blog and that is a very interesting story. I love the part where you sent your daughter out to figure out what was going on!

Rachel said...

That is just nuts! I can't believe that happened right behind your house! How very sad about the animals!

(A vet crashed his new Cadillac in front of our house last year - avoiding a dog in the road! And a girl knocked down the power pole in the same spot the year before... we're a magnet!)

Glad no one was hurt. But I'm still giggling that you sent your daughter out to jump on the trampoline to check the scene out! hee hee!

Thanks for linking up!

Angie Vik said...

I'm visiting from Rachel's blog. What an amazing story. Certainly not something you see every day. Good for you to have the presence of mind to take pictures. I love your daughter's names. I wanted to name a daughter Hope but my husband said our last name was too short. He said Hope Vik sounds like you're chopping firewood.

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