Monday, January 3, 2011


This is a new blog carnival that I am doing but it is really dear to my heart. The basics are what do you need prayer for?
Prayer is a amazing gift. It is something that cost you nothing but makes such a difference. It is something you can do for someone even without them knowing.
This week I would love it if you would feel comfortable enough to leave your prayer request in the comments section. I will pray for them as I receive them.
This week I have a couple of prayer request. We start a new school semester tomorrow and are changing a few things. Please pray that we will be patient with one another as we do this. We are also adding several wonderful things to our calendar this semester that are not school related but very needed. This means that for the next 8 weeks half the family will be out of the house 3 nights a week. This is new to us but again will bring great blessings to our house.


Kathy Reynolds said...

I would just ask you to pray that God brings a christian man into mine and my kids' lives this year. My kids have very little contact with their father and I have been a single mother for twelve years. I so desire a man who is a good example for my children so that they have a sense of what a good relationship is before they leave home. Thank you for your prayers. I love your blog.

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