Monday, January 31, 2011

No Mom talk Monday

This week I want to take a minute to stop and talk about my love of sewing. I think it started in middle school when we made aprons. Only then I did not take the time to learn. I actually flirted with a boy so he would thread my needle and do the work for me. So glad we serve a restoring God who has helped me not be that girl today.
Anyways for many years I wanted to learn to sew. I mentioned this to several of my friends. Several offered to help me but I never took them up on it. That was until this time last year. I was getting ready to move from AL to NC and my homeshcool mom’s gave me a amazing going away gift. They gave me money to buy a machine. One even took me shopping to buy the machine and the extra things I might need. She also had me over several times to teach me some basics. I think I fell in love and a couple of weeks later when the movers and my sewing machine got moved to the bathroom so that they did not pack it. It actually rode in the van with me.
I have not learned many new skills but have enjoyed what I do know. I have made countless amounts of pillowcase dresses and skirts and more camera strap covers than I will admit. I also made my first quilt this fall with my husband. That was probably my favorite thing and I cannot wait to make a second and third and fourth one. I love working on things with my husband. Rather it be re modeling a kitchen or painting a room. He is amazing and while we do not always get along on a daily basis when it comes to working together we ROCK!


Debra said...

My Mom always tried hard to get me to learn how to sew growing up but I always refused. Now as an adult, I am kicking myself for not learning. I have a machine but cannot anything beyond a receiving blanket or burp cloth without serious help.

That was so sweet that your friends helped get you your sewing machine! That was a very thoughtful gift!

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