Sunday, January 2, 2011

Miscellany Monday

What a week, my husband took the week off work. It was nice because we did not have any real plans. He chopped wood a couple of days. He helped me grocery shop.
This week my year old informed me that she has been kissing her wooden bed.
At midnight on New Year’s my five year old informed me if her friend Will was here she would kiss him on the lips.
One day last week I walked into the living room to find my 5 year old laying in front of the fireplace naked (I thought she was still in the bathtub).
What is it with this precious baby girl of mine this week? She is testing us in modesty this week.
This week I kissed my husband with poprocks in my mouth, which was fun.
Tonight I put my kids to bed and then snuck into the oreo’s only to be found out by a child needing to go potty.
Tomorrow I am going to lunch with a friend and I cannot wait to have adult conversation.
This morning my alarm did not go off which meant I slept in until 7:07am and we had to leave the house by 7:4am. Would you believe that my husband and I had showers and got all four kids dressed and everything loaded for church and pulled out of the drive way at 7:48am? I say that is pretty amazing.
Overstock contacted me and is giving all my bloggy friends a discount right now. You can find it here.
I am giving away camera strap cover right here.
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