Sunday, January 16, 2011

Miscellany Monday

I love being able to give you tidbits of my life.
1. This week my husband only worked 1.5 days and it was amazing. Between weather and a four day weekend we had lots of time together.
2. This week I cleaned out the kids closets and even re arranged the girl’s room, AHHHHHH it looks so much better.
3. We bought an indoor trampoline from a friend this week and it is currently setting in my living room and I think it will stay there until we have company come over.
4. This morning we got to church early and were listening to a Chonda Pierce CD in the van when one of the Pastors walked by. Our van has amazing speakers (just standard speakers but they are amazing). They said it sounded like we had speakers on the outside of the van.
5. What is funny is she was talking about the funny things that happened at her church when
We walked into church and found a very sexy hot pink bra setting on the counter in the kitchen in our church. I had to laugh at that hot pink bra lying on the counter in church this morning. All I could think was that someone used the kitchen to change in this weekend.
6. I am reading through Proverbs with Ordinary Mom this month and every day it is touching me.
7. In five days I will be at the beach with nine amazing woman, I am nervous because I do not know these ladies very well and counting the seconds because any time you put 9 women together you know they will have fun.
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Debra said...

WOW! So excited (but jealous) for your trip!

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