Monday, January 31, 2011

Pray for me Monday

Today I have three wonderful ladies on my heart that in the next 3 weeks will all have babies. Two will be mom’s for the first time. One whose husband will leave with the military next month. I pray for safe deliveries. I pray for quick recoveries. I pray for rest after the baby and they will fill a peace about being a mommy. Do you remember those first few months when you second guess everything you do and everyone is telling you something different to do?
I want to pray for this father who will leave his newborn baby next month. My husband had to leave soon after Grace was born and it was hard.
This week another friend’s son graduated from the Marines and is home for a week and then will move onto his first duty station. I pray he finds wonderful friends who will be a positive influence in his life.
I also ask that you pray for my family. We have decisions to make out what we want for our children and rather we need to make some changes in things they are involved in. It is hard and I think it will be a while before we have peace about either situation.


lindsie said...

you are a great friend pam and i do pray for you today and everyday!

Debra said...

Praying for you & your family, Pam!

If I could add in my prayer request, I would appreciate it. I pulled a muscle in my back & was in the ER for it early Sunday morning. Naturally my husband headed back to the States that afternoon. If you could pray for a quick recovery as well for my kids to be gentle over the next few days, I would appreciate it!

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