Monday, January 3, 2011

Military Monday

So it looks like it is happening. After weeks of being threatened and promised it looks like my husband is switching units. We will still be at Bragg but he will move to the other side. I am so excited. I am not going to set and complain about his current unit but I will say that I am praying there are a few Christians in his new unit. I ask that you pray with me on this. We have heard that he is moving to a new unit ten times before and hope that this is really the case. We will know more in the next couple of days.
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Dawn @ Guiding Light said...

Hi! Stopping by and now following (would appreciate you following me too) from Hip Homeschool Hop. I will add this to our prayers. Blessings!

christy said...

i know that feeling its always so stressful when its transfering time my husbands in the navy thou so its probley a little different.. good luck!

CandaceApril said...

I hope everything works out well for you!

Joy Ellis said...

Praying everything works out for you! Thanks for joining in the Hip Homeschool Hop!

Gina Parker said...

Sending up my prayers for your husband , you and your family for this request!!!

ps. I am here via the Hip Homeschool Hop (which I dislike saying - it's like self promoting - but I guess I should)

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