Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Our love story

One day there was a boy who was dating a girl’s cousin and it did not end well. Said girl then felt sorry for boy. So she went out with him. They continued to go out for 2 years but said boy was very controlling. The girl grew up in a very interesting home and was not going to be in a controlling relationship. So she moved out on her own at 17 years old. Actually she moved 9 hours from home to get away from him. She got a job and went on with her new life. For the next two years she lived but in the back of her mind she still loved her high school sweetheart but reminded herself that was not the relationship she wanted. One day that all changed. Her phone rang and it was her mom saying that said boy wanted to talk to her. Oh how her heart ached and fluttered. She then gave permission for him to call. He called and they talked for hours and hours. By the end of the night it was decided he would drive up for a visit. That was on Wednesday night. On Friday he arrived and WOOOOOO! They spent the weekend talking and meeting her friends and talking and talking. By Monday afternoon the boy, now a man had a full time job and was in for the long haul. Almost a year later they were married. Sixteen amazing years later they have four beautiful children and cannot go a day without smooching. Oh yeah, that controlling boy grow up into a kind, gentle man Christian man that has earned her respect and love.


LindaMRamos said...

What a beautiful story!

MurdocksMama said...

Aww...that is so sweet!

Rachel said...

Awww! I just love happy endings! Amazing how people can change and so glad you gave him a second chance!

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