Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday 5

I am Happy that my husband has a four day weekend after only working one and a half days this week.
I am Jubilant that my closets got cleaned out this week and I can actually get to my children’s clothes without things falling down.
I am grateful for a husband who brought me home sleeping pills because he knows I have not been sleeping, although I cannot bring myself to take them.
I am loved when my kids climb into my bed at night and snuggle up to me, or when they have a boo boo and want me to kiss it and comfort them.
I am thankful that payday is tomorrow and I still have a couple of dollars in the bank. I love that my husband supports us and takes care of us and that after many years we are starting to get control of our finances instead of them controlling us.


Nicole said...

I keep forgetting tomorrow is payday! thanks for the reminder!

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