Friday, January 28, 2011

Blizzard  Bloghop 2010 hosted by Household 6 DivaWelcome to Trooppetrie. This is my personal journal although recently I have found it harder to tell my secrets. I love to write about our military life. I love to write about my children and what we are doing while we homeschool. I love to cook and bake and sew when time allows.

Sometimes I cannot believe that we have been in the military for 15 years active. Our first duty station was Fort Campbell. I could sing a song about how much I love Fort Campbell. We were only there 9 months before we took our 8 week old baby boy and moved to Illeishem Germany. I honestly can say those 3 years were amazing and I would not change it for anything. We left Germany and went back to Fort Campbell, bought our first house and had a great life for 3 years. Then we were moved to Redstone Arsenal AL. A wonderful five years. I think we grew as a family in a way that only God could have written. Those five years were the hardest of our lives but I believe with healing we will look back at how this has helped our family. Last February we moved from AL to Fort Bragg NC. Or as my baby girl says we moved to Fort Ragg and most days I tend to agree.

I love the military; I love the security of knowing we have a pay check. I love the security of knowing I will always be able to get the medical care we needed. I hope one day the dental insurance will be better. I love that I do not have one home but many. If I had to choose I would want to live in Fort Campbell for my church family. I would want to live in AL for my homeschool family.

The military teaches you to grow up, to be independent. It also teaches us to help one another even when it is not convenient for ourselves.


Crystal Jigsaw said...

This is a very interesting blog post. I can't imagine having to move around because I hope to live in the same house now for the rest of my life, though realise that probably won't happen. My husband is 61 and has lived here since birth.

Your photos are beautiful and you have a delightful family.
Found your via Friday blog hopping.

Secret mom thoughts said...

Nice to meet you. You have a beautiful family.

Laurie V said...

Sounds like quite the adventure. My husband has been in the military for just two years... glad to see someone so positive about the experience!

Mimi #224 at the blog hop said...

Your husband looks like he could crush a tank! Man alive! LOL He looks military all the way. =) My brother just joined the Army Guard. I'm so proud. Please thank your husband for his service and I want you to know I appreciate your family for supporting him!

Fallon Wharton said...

I'm all ready a follower but wanted to come by and say from the bloghop anyway :) xo

Little Momma said...

loved this post! I love that you are always so positive, it's refreshing to see someone who isn't negative all the time!

casey colette byrd said...

Just stopping by from Locomotion of Expressions! Found you on a blog hop! Now following! Please follow me via GFC back and lets grow each others ratings!! Cute stuff! xo
I'm a navy wife (submariner) and I am a pull no punches kinda girl. I say whats on my mind, and that's just me!
I have a lot of active giveaways RIGHT NOW! (13 at last count! .. all low entry!) So drop on over and follow because there are many more to come, plus I blog about our life too! (When I have the time!) Ty for reading this, have a great night!

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