Sunday, January 9, 2011

Military Monday

Nothing much has changed in our military life this week. My husband is still being told he is switching units but has not been told which one yet. Hopefully they will figure it out soon. He had a three day weekend this weekend and it was wonderful. He took the older two kids to chop wood and then came home and split and stacked it. Friday is our yearly inspection for this house. Can I just tell you that it is days like this that make me hate renting a house. I long to be back in a house that I can paint and decorate my way. That I am not stressing about every time someone spills something on the floor. It is weeks like this that I want to call the people who are leasing our home in KY and tell them they can paint. How is everyone else handling military life? Do you have any plans to move soon? On a funny note, they have already closed schools on post for tomorow due to weather. I wish they would close post so my hero would be home. He already has a 4 day weekend next weekend.

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CandaceApril said...

Wouldn't that be nice if our husband's got snow days, too! My husband has drill this week. *sigh*

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