Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Facebook Updates

Are you on facebook, I love facebook. Really I just love updating it a million times a day with all the quirky things that happen in my life. I thought maybe once a week I would give you a look into my facebook life. I really think I live in a zoo sometimes. So here are some of my updates.
Yes I said it is snowing at the beach

Just took my 2nd walk of the day on the beach only in the snow

I am setting in a beach house looking at the beach, hearing the waves and reading Proverbs, this is sweat peace. Going for a walk as soon as the sun comes up all the way.

Hope is mad at me, she asked if I was going to be a good girl at the beach and I said NO
She made me promise if I get sick I would eat any yucky food they made me

Brownies baking, chocolate cheese ball chilling, subs in fridge, I am almost ready to leave tomorrow. I still should pack something and put away laundry and vacuum the house and oh wait maybe I am nowhere near ready.

There is a GREAT debate going on in our classroom this morning. I am afraid no one will work if I do not find the answer. Will you help? Is it all around the merry go ROUND or BUSH?
TMI: Grace just came in the living room doing I poo poo'd in the potty dance. Then she said it did hurt but not like make me cry hurt. I said well it should not hurt. She said I need that medicine that does not make you go, it just makes it not hurt when you go. TOO MANY COMMERCIALS.

Heading to small group with my hero, I love setting next to him

How do you spell tattoo past tense? I want to have a flower tattoo?? on my head.

What is a good dad bible verse to have engraved on a bracelet?

Grace just ran into the table and said "oh I was not watching where I was going, but it only hurt my chest" then she continues to run in circles.

So sad, I typed in all around the merry go round into YouTube and it came up with 3 naked men playing drums. Glad my kids were not watching

Yesterday we made cupcakes, today we filled them with a pudding/cool whip combo and iced with chocolate icing. YUMMY!!

Grace told us to be quiet and then said I have the power and pointed at us and said MUTE, MUTE, MUTE

Watching wipe out makes my back hurt

Can I just say that Netflix has totally let me down, every movie I want is not available, but anything Rob wants is there.

I'm going to tell the judge you have to get better to be crazy!
Why is it at 5pm I cannot keep my eyes open but at 10pm I am wide awake

Why did we put a mini trampoline in our livingroom
So we are watching an old Don Knott’s show. Don Knott’s is Robert’s great uncle (or something like that). Grace said so dad why was he not visiting your house. She is crying because he is not visiting us on TV

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