Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cancer is a gift

Cancer is a gift
Posted Nov 15, 2009 9:06am
Thank you to all of you who consistently read and make comments to me in reference to this information. One of the greatest supports when someone is ill is to know people care and are genuinely interested in what is going on in your life.

Did pinpoint that fatigue is related to low blood sugar (29 one morning)and am correcting that. Blood work not back yet. Unsure, if the oncologist got enough blood to test for the genetic marker for breast cancer BRCA 1 and 2.

I was fortunate to get in to see a dentist this week. I got my teeth cleaned and my crown put back on saving me $800 a new one would have cost me!

I told someone yesterday that I see cancer as a gift. I get to take time to evaluate what is important in my life, to nap when I wish, to eat when I wish, to communicate only with those who bring goodness to my healing, to read, to meditate, journal, to pray, to spend time with my children and grandchildren, and to do my passion which is to write.

When I am allowed to return to work I have a different vision of how I will set up my practice. I want to do more of what I was taught in my doctoral program which is more mind/body/healing connection of things and not rely on what insurance companies dictate what I can do with clients. I want to be in a location that I do not have to commit to a two year lease or more. In my ministerial work I want to be more creative, to think outside the box. For so long the church has not met the needs of our younger folks and so they just do not go. I want to know what they want and in some way meet that need.

There are so many of you who have touched my life, who let me into your deepest, darkest secrets and that is a sacred trust. I value that and want you to know that you have taught me much. Every person whether a client, a sponsee, a friend, church member, or even people who consider me their worst nightmare have helped to weave the fabric of the tapestry of my life. I am vibrant and alive and that is because all of you are my teachers.

Oh, by the way the one article I wrote is on the website now It is about when a client's therapist has to terminate therapy abruptly. The online publication director said it will go out to the media and be translated into Spanish. The second article is the same topic but for therapists when they have to close their practice. That is at the editor now awaiting more revisions. I do not get paid for these articles, but it helps me keep my brain active and helps me feel better knowing my situation may help someone else.

My other document is still in process. When it is completed I will let you all know. It has to do with boundaries in church settings. The other writing project is the children's sermon book. I am rethinking how to make it more appealing to those who do not normally get interested in church. God has much for me to do yet.

My daughter Val and I are painting her living room/dining/kitchen area. Actually I am allowed to only paint some of the edging and trim. My energy endurance level is not up to the level I desire and she will not let me climb. Later this week the attic stairs will be installed so more of my stuff can safely be transported up to the attic (more flooring needs to be added as well)and out of her garage. Of course, she will only let me hold the ladder and she will take it up there. We are inviting anyone who does not have a place to go for Thanksgiving. So we will have a good time meeting new people. It is a tradition I have been doing since the 1970's.

So what are you doing to make a difference in the world???? Number one, you are showing care and concern for someone in need - me. I know because I can look to see who went to the website and when. I get all choked up when I read your wonderful comments. What else are you doing to make a difference? You could give some food to a homeless person standing on a corner. You could go volunteer at a soup kitchen. You could write a letter of encouragement to someone going through a hard time (besides me).

I will write again after the blood test results. Have a good Sabbath rest. Take a nap. Melanie


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