Wednesday, November 25, 2009


me: hmmmm honey i have to apologize for something, hmmmmm
DH: yes
me: HMMMMMMMM that metal dental pick on the bathroom counter
DH: yes
ME: did you use that on your teeth
DH: yes, that is what it is for
ME: hmmmmmmmmmmm i am sorry,
DH: almost laughing at me as i climb in the bed next to the best man in the world and pull the blankets almost over my head
DH: not saying anything as in he does not want to know
ME: hmmmmmm honey i am sorry, ummmmm (sounding so much like one of our children) but I found a great use for the metal dental pick (you know that horrible scraper thing they use at the dentist)
DH: what is it
ME: well you found it in the kitchen because well I used it on the mixer and the (ummmmmmm, sheets being pulled up higher and higher)
and the sink and around the sink
DH: did you use both ends
ME:HMMMMM why does that matter, but i do not know, why
DH: because at least I would have a 50/50 chance of living
ME: hiding under sheets
I love this man, he has to put up with so many things. but really guys that dental pick can really clean the little hard to get to parts of the mixer and other small appliances. do not tell rob but it works great on the cheese grater.

Grace: mommy why does curly lick his butt

me: to clean himself
Grace: is that why we put him outside, so he can have privacy when he goes potty

ME: yes grace, i wish I got privacy in the bathroom
Grace: no mom you do not need privacy, i need privacy but you do not
me: yes grace i would like privacy
Grace: no mom I am watching to see if poop comes out so i can take you to chucky cheese

the funny thing is that we have told her for months if she will go poopy in the potty then she can go to chuckie cheese


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