Friday, November 20, 2009

co op

Today was the last day of our co op until the end of January. I have really mixed feelings. Happy because I always love the break from co op and the extra time at home. On the other hand I am so sad, so sad that his may be the last time I see several of these ladies. Sad that my children will not be taking these wonderful classes with wonderful teachers. Co op has been a wonderful source of laughter. It is educational, it is relaxing, it is fun, it is stressful, it is counseling, it is uplifting, it is interesting. I wish I could describe how my joy I feel waking every Thursday morning to go to co op. To see the other moms. To watch my kids with the other kids. I love hearing what all the kids have learned. This semester Michael took Entomology (too much bug collecting for me), Art and Presidents. Faith took American Girl, States History and art. I loved all the teachers and well prepared they were.


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