Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Michael

I wrote this before but do not know if I posted it. Since it is his birthday I thought I would re post it
my prince michael
Michael-my first son
michael is 13 years old today. that thought in itself is scary to me. I remember when we decided we were going to start having kids. it was way before we were married, we knew we wanted kids. so after being married six months we still were not pregnant. rob decided to go from reservist to active duty. we were on our way to our first duty station when I realized I was late and went to a free clinic to have a test. we could not wait to tell everyone. we moved to our new home knowing we would have our first child in November. we were so broke but so did not know it. I remember the day we went to find out what we were having it was a Saturday morning and when we showed up they were confused. there was a mistake and they had made our appointment on a Saturday. we had decided not to call anyone until we got home because we did not want to spend the money on a pay phone. we also knew we could not go out and buy anything. when the lady said it was a boy I thought rob was going to go through the roof. then he told everyone in the hallway. I am sure they thought he was nuts. then he went home and pulled out a bunch of his beloved tools and took them to the pawn shop and sold them so he could go out and buy boy stuff.
November 12, I was almost 2 weeks over due when I started having contractions. after a early morning appointment that confirmed I was in labor we went home. I stayed home until late that afternoon. you were born at 9:51pm with some wonderful prayer warriors in the room which was very needed. Michael was born and was not breathing. it is a site I will never forget, the doctor had you in the corner and was working on you and screaming about something before he throw the thing across the room. they rushed you to the NICU and dad went with you. I remember him coming back and instead of telling me how you were he told me you looked just like him. he was instantly in love. then a couple of days later we were in a class about caring for your baby. they said never to shake your baby, well your daddy said "why would you shake your baby, I like my things stirred not shaken". I did not think they would let you leave the hospital with us.
Michael, you mean the world to us. you are your daddy's fishing buddy, his camping buddy. you have been with me through some of the toughest times in my life. you were there to hold and snuggle with and make me smile when I lost my brother. you were there with me during every deployment. I remember one time I was re arranging the livingroom and tried move something and fell and scraped my back and leg. I was setting in the floor crying when you came over with no shirt on and pulled the skin on your stomach and tried to dry my tears with it. that is the Michael I know and the Michael I hope the world can see. you are a sweat hearted compassionate boy. you have a heart for those who are hurt or for those who have a disability and I hope that never changes. there are days I get so upset because you are arguing with your sisters and the next moment you are picking them up and comforting them. you are so smart and one day I hope you realize that. I love the way everything is black and white with you. I love your dreams for the future and I hope it does not change. you are getting so tall, it will not be long and I will be looking up at you. I love the way that makes you feel. the way everyday you measure us to see if you are taller. I love the way you look at me when you want to snuggle but think your too big or the way you still need me when you are hurt.
okay so this turned into a letter for Michael instead of about Michael but it lets you know what he is like. i forgot to mention michael is enjoying boyscouts this year. he spent alot of time with dad seling popcorn and won a trip to disney for his family. he also played soccer this year and enjoyed it.


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Happy Birthday, Michael! Wonderful post, mom! :)

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