Saturday, November 14, 2009


I have really enjoyed blogging the last several months. I almost see it as a scrapbook and since there has been no time for scrapbooking this is great. But I realize that I forget to be personal or tell you what I am thinking or what really is going on in our lives. So I thought I would give you some of my thoughts.
There is only one more week of Excalibur co op
we have one set of orders for airborne school starting in January
we have one set of orders to Fort Bragg to start in March 2010
we are the parents who are scared of telling the kids that after we get to fort bragg dad is leaving for his third tour to Iraq
I have son who turned 13 this week, how did that happen.
I set in the parking lot and told each of my kids there pregnancy-birth story this week
We went to counseling this week where the new counselor was aggravated that he can not get us in more often. It irritates me that we can not get the help we need easier.
I went to heritage girls where Hope is learning about horse and Faith is learning about dancing, does it seem like it was planned just for them.
Grace went to Mr. Frank's class and learned a song about potato chips. I so wish I knew the words to it
Took the kids to a hockey game and had a great time.
Grace was completely scared of the horse at the hockey game and clung to dad when he was close and set in his lap and pointed to him and showed us where he was. then at the end of the game she cried because she did not get her picture taken with him
I bought new red nail polish this week, and even painted my nails while playing cafe world this morning
I skipped my dentist appointment this week because I know the bill is almost a thousand dollars and I do not want this bill before a move although I know if I do not go soon it will cause more problems.
I have a new craft project I am planning on starting this afternoon.
I got my hallway closet cleaned out this week and it feels AMAZING
I am stressed about our moving and getting our house ready for the move, how many scratches need fixed and how much more should we get rid of.
I am in love with homeschooling and think I may be getting the hang of teaching 3 different grades
I love my husband and wish I treated him better and showed him my love in my ways.
I am so excited that in a couple of minutes I get to go grocery shopping.
My in laws are coming down for Thanksgiving and everyone is counting the days to see them.
Hopefully my office will get cleaned out this weekend.
Did I tell you that every Saturday morning my husband sleeps in and then gets up and makes pancakes for our family for breakfast. He is a amazing man.
I am getting overly emotional these days over crazy things like counting down how many co ops are left, I cried talking about how sick grace was last year and how wonderful she is now.


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