Monday, July 9, 2012

Blog Update

I was so excited when Kathryn from Singing in the Rain offered to give me a new header. I have wanted a new header for a while. I expected it to take a while with lots of re do’s. I am very picky and always have a ton of questions. I sent her two pictures to choose and told her the one I liked the most. I told her I needed it to match the rest of the colors on the page. Within minutes she had sent me my new header. I put it in (which surprised me that I could figure out). And BAM, it was done. Not only was it done but it matched perfectly. She used my favorite scripture verse. Everything lined up perfectly and not only that the colors were perfect. I did not have to wait for days or re arrange it. I am so impressed with her work and how easy she made things for me. She can also do blog buttons, face book headers, quotes and lots of other things. If you like Kathryn’s work you can find her on face book or on her amazing blog. Thanks Kathryn for a wonderful job. Pamela


Kathryn said...

Thanks for blogging about it, it was a ton of fun to make! :)

Jen said...

It looks great!!

Beckey said...

What a blessing to have someone so talented and generous make such an offer.  It looks lovely! Beautiful family!

Marcella said...

I think it looks awesome!!

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