Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Deployments are hard

Sometimes I feel like this deployment is dragging. For several reasons this deployment has been more mental than one. We (well me) are struggling to stay close as a couple. This is weird, because we normally get along great when he is deployed. Some days I remind myself that we are closer than even I can know. We see the same moon and the same sun. He does everything he can to stay close.     So how do we stay close, how does anyone stay close during a deployment? First, I make time for his phone calls. I send him short e-mails all the time. Telling him the silliness of life.  When he calls it is normally during nap time which is his bed time. So I am tired from a morning of life and he is tired from a long work day. Which means that I forget about the things going on. Even when he cannot check e-mail for a few days he still gets them. Then he has a running list of things to talk about.      How do you stay in touch with your hero when he is deployed or even in the middle of a big deal and working a lot of hours? Pamela


htmlgirl said...

We usually got to talk on the phone everyday during our last deployment. Sometimes we would run out of things to talk about, but it was nice to hear his voice everyday and to know he was okay. During the workday we sometimes "chatted" through email. We tried letters but they didn't really work out for us. 

Beckey said...

I have no words of advice.  Only prayers and a huge THANK YOU to your hero and your family for the sacrifices you make for all of us.

Robertpetrie61 said...

I would like to thank each and everyone that supported us through this deployment. Thankyou for the letter and the boxes. I am glad to say my time away from my family is coming to an end and i will be coming home. The unit has asked us to have all mail stopped for redeployment. Once again thank you all.


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