Tuesday, July 31, 2012

You know your in a large family when

This morning I was reading one of my favorite blogs. Larger family life is a wonderful true blog. Today she titled her blog post You know you have a large family when… It got me thinking, so I made my own list. What would you add to it? You know you have a large family when: You have to pull tables together at a restraunts You put large quantities of toilet paper in each bathroom You do not have a ton of out grown clothes in storage because someone can always where the size someone just grew out of. You have multiple refrigerators and deep freezers and your pantry looks like a small grocery store, and there is always a list of things waiting to be brought. Your grocery list looks like you are shopping for a party Your daily menu could be more food than a normal restraunts menu You always have at least one bathroom out of commission. You do not need advanced warning when company is coming over because you always cook a large meal When you find something on sale you buy all they have because you know it will not last You do not worry about food going outdated when you shop because it does not You would love to do a blog review for a washer and dryer company You invite extra kids over and then have to count heads because once there they blend in and you forget they are there. A friend comes over and forgot her diaper bag, no big deal you have everything they could need Someone complains about taking 2 kids to the store and you try not to giggle You take up a whole pew at church You do not have to invite friends to birthday parties and it still looks like you have a huge gathering. Turkeys are bought more often than on Thanksgiving because it is cheaper than regular meat and feeds a small crowd. A week does not go by without being asked: do you want more, didn’t someone teach you how to stop this, or they tell you they could never do this. When you go to the zoo, you are your own field trip and are offered a group rate The cell phone company considers you a business because you have so many numbers. When one child is sick there are many people to keep you company and help do what you cannot do. Everything piece of furniture can be used for multi purposes or you do not buy it. You are never lonely because someone is always there. You are constantly stared at in public, either a child is having a bad day or the kids are being so good that they stare. How many children do you have in your family? How do you make it work? I would love for you to add to this blog post and share your ideas. Pamela


Tiffany said...

We only have four, but a lot of people still consider us a large family... You get asked at least once a week, "Are they ALL yours?", The washer and dryer in your house runs multiple times daily and you still never find the bottom of the hamper, your youngest gets to buy brand new clothes from the store and thinks it's Christmas. :) Love your list!

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