Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President, I have been very patient. I have survived 7 deployments. I have survived moving; I have survived 19 years with my husband in the Army. I rarely complain. I rarely whine. I never neglect my kids; I never call his command and lose my temper. And believe me I have had reason to. I have served my time with the FRG and other groups. So now I have a favor. Could you please send my soldier home from his eighth deployment for about 48 hours? You see in the last week I have unclogged my bathtub, replaced windshield wiper blades and replaced the light in my range hood, explained to a child that daddy will be home soon. So if you do not mind could you send him home long enough to fix the broken toilet, install the new systems for my children to use for school, mow the grass, install the new dish receiver (so I do not have to pay $65 to have it done). And it may not seem like a big deal but he is the one that cleans the bathrooms and scrubs the kitchen floor. If you would let him come home for 48 hours he could take care of all of these things for me and then you could have him back for a little while longer and I promise you will not hear from me for another 19 years. Thanks, a women with dirty floor and a broken toilet. Okay, seriously would never write the president. Just being silly and getting frustrations out. I am pretty sure I can live through the rest of the deployment. Well as long as the toilet gets fixed


Dagmar Bleasdale said...

I loved this post, so honest and funny. Congrats on your weight loss, what a great surprise that will be for your husband!!

Diane said...

Oh dear...the broken toilet isn't good.  But I think if he was home for 48 hours, he'd probably want to be doing other things than fixing toilets and scrubbing floors!!

Kristileab said...

Awww! It sounds like a rough one. We've been on the uphill climb side of our deployment roller coaster. I hope I'm nearing the top and I can just enjoy the ride for a little while. You're not alone.

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