Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Yep it's summer which means everyone has banged up knees. Actually to me it means they are having fun and being kids so it is worth it. My question is how do I prevent these little knees from getting scars. Pamela


Diane said...

Oh I don't miss those scraped knees! I remember one time my daughter came home after a collision with boy on a bike (he admitted to me that it was his fault, the big dope). She was bleeding from her knees down and ended up in the doctor's office 3 days later for antibiotics.

I guess if they weren't getting scraped up it would mean they were sitting around doing nothing. Glad they are out playing!

Jen said...

I remember always having scraped knees during the summer! THey hurt but it was the best. :) Glad your kids are having fun.

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