Sunday, April 10, 2011

High School

Describe a typical day during your high school years
I wrote down a list of questions you could use as a writing prompts several months ago and one of them were “Describe a typical day during you’re your school years”.
So I thought I would tell you about my day. It started with me waking up and teasing my hair. Do you remember when you wanted it to touch the ski. I remember you could almost get a contact high from the Aqua net. Actually I used Aussie in high school because my boyfriend loved the smell. I still use Aussie today.
Then I would get dressed and walk to the bus stop. Somewhere along the way I would meet that boyfriend. Then we would stand at the bus stop and smooch until the bus got there. I always wished the bus would be late. I took a picture of our special place this summer when I went home. It was a corner with a church on it.

We would ride the bus to school. It got us there just early enough to walk across the street to a gas station to get breakfast. I love the smell of gas. I would buy a 32 ounce mountain dew and a little Debbie cake. Or we would walk to Tudor’s for a biscuit and I would get a 32 ounce mountain dew. Then go to class. After second period I would buy a can of mountain dew on the black market (really from a teacher who sold them out of his classroom but do not tell). Then at lunch I would meet with my boyfriend and eat and drink more mountain dew. After school I would either be picked up at school from the people I babysat for or I would ride the bus home and they would pick me up. I babysat at least 3 nights a week and every Saturday and most Sundays after church.
I should probably talk more about school but I do not remember most of the classes. I remember I had a teacher who would question how short my skirts were but hers were always shorter.


tamayoseven said...

You even loved mountain dew back then. Sounds like a great day of school minus the learning part. I too was more interested in what happened before and after. Smooching with your boy friend at the bus stop sounds like fun.

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